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Submitted on
August 14, 2011
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I sleep but I dont rest
When morning comes, it feels like i just blinked
My mind is tired, no strenght or desire to think
The thoughts all jumbled and blurry
The hope seeps through my fingers
The joy leaks through my heart
I dont seem to grasp Life
It leaves and quickly as it came
Passing as if i watched from my window pane
And I cant seem to understand
Nothing seems to make sense
Tears at high hours of the night
Purple ugly bags under sleep deprived eyes
And my bed seems to represent my sorry excuse of a life
A mess of covers and pillows
A mix of blood and sweat
I head in restless into my days
I go out of them a broken disaster
And worry my every day companion
Pain my faithful soul mate
All of my being together screaming as one
Begging to be released from this major wasting of time
Walking as if blind into this shades of gray
Ignoring the throbbing increasing pain that clenches my chest
Dragging my feet, hoping this is the way to death
That it may lay ahead
So I could end all my misery right here and now
This patethic excuse of a restless life
I am no longer able to carry on with this stress...