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This is just to let you know, that you failed.
You don't like to fail do you?
No, I remember
You used to get so upset sometimes even cry when you just got close to failing
Then you discovered you weren't perfect, so you stopped trying
At least that's my theory
In any case, you failed now
And you had chances, to make it
The outcome could've been different
But you passed by and wasted every single opportunity to make it right
And, people get tired you know
We are human, at some point we realize that no matter how many times we try
Nothing will change
And that's what happend this time
More chances that anyone is able to keep track of, were given
And you either saw them, and ignored them because you didn't care
Or you were so busy with your complicated life to notice anything at all
And, the sadest thing about all this is probably the fact that it will go unheard
Fall on deaf ears, blind eyes
Because you're not there, you can't see
That you failed miserably
Not that you'll care...
You usually don't
And if you do, as hard as I try to explain you will never understand..
Like always
It's sad, once upon a time it would have been heart-breaking
Now its just sad
It stings certainly
But with a few days of nourishing, it will too eventually fade
So without nothing else to say,
Not that it matters cuz you will never know
I will now shut up
I just wanted you to know that you failed.
An ObliviousGuiltyConscience and It'sBestFriend.

Because, People Who Give Up Fail.
BornintheLight Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love it:) great jobx)
NicolaWingedDeity Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
(: thanks!
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